COVID Wedding DJ Options in Hertfordshire

2020 has been quite the year, and not for good reasons. For those of you planning and replanning your weddings I whole heartedly sympathise.

If you were planning to get married during 2020 or early 2021, it is likely that you have either rescheduled to a later date, or you are going ahead this year with a smaller, restricted daytime-only wedding.

Have you thought about music options for your smaller wedding?…

So obviously at the moment loud music and dancing is unfortunately not really allowed at weddings, but that doesn’t mean music isn’t important, it will be playing a big part by providing the soundtrack to your day!

And I am here to bring some fun and entertainment to your daytime wedding celebration with my daytime DJ service!

Can your venue provide something similar?…

It is worth finding out first what options your wedding venue can provide; Do they have a high quality, non-invasive sound system?… Or one speaker blasting from the corner?… Will there be a professional host to run your day and inform your guests of proceedings?… Or will it be left to someone to step in?…

COVID 2020 Wedding DJ Options

Everything I offer can be tailored to your day’s proceedings, and will of course follow all social distancing rules and guidelines. Just want to me book me for one or two parts of your day? No problem!

Weddings can vary considerably, but most restricted weddings will likely follow similar timelines:

The ceremony

Here I can provide what will be the most important songs of your special day though high quality speakers, with music seamlessly faded in and out with no abrupt stops!

Drinks reception

The ceremony is usually followed by a drinks reception. Here is a great to chance to set the mood for your day with music of your choice. Perhaps some laidback jazz? Some chilled RnB?

Wedding breakfast

Background music is a must for the wedding breakfast, if only to dampen the clatter of cutlery! Again, setting the right mood for your meal is something to think about. This is the perfect opportunity to hear the more relaxed songs and artists you love that aren’t necessarily dance floor-friendly anyway. Some stripped back acoustic classics perhaps? Or some chilled Ibiza-style beats?


I will host your speeches, introducing each speaker and providing an extra wireless mic (don’t worry; sanitiser, hand wipes, and single-use microphone covers provided). It’s at this stage we can also add some extra fun to the proceedings, with some unique introductions to the speeches, and even a little game with you both!

Wind down time

Relax and unwind after your wedding breakfast and speeches with more downtempo beats to end your day, perhaps while the sun sets if the English weather is being nice!

Daytime DJ and Sax!

Fancy things a bit different with a live element to your daytime music? How about DJ and sax entertainment to keep things exciting!

Whilst we can’t go full on into pumping dance sets (as much as we’d like to!), the DJ and sax combo creates some perfect vibes for your afternoon – from jazz, to soul, to laidback house.

What to expect:

  • Professional wedding DJ entertainment
  • Client meeting to thoroughly discuss the plan for you day
  • Music styles of your choice throughout your afternoon
  • MC/host service
  • Wireless mic for speeches if required (COVID-friendly with disposable mic covers)
  • Option for additional ceremony music service
  • Socially distance guidelines strictly adhered to
  • Prices from only £300

Check out my Chilled Beats mix over on my mixes page for an example of some laid back tunes.

Excited to find out more?

I’d love to hear more about your COVID-friendly wedding. I realise it is a difficult time to plan a wedding, but I will be there at every step to help you anyway I can.