Wedding DJ Services in Hertfordshire

Are you looking for wedding DJ services in Hertfordshire or surrounding counties?

Your wedding day should be perfect.  Personal, memorable, and fun.

As both DJs and hosts, we will make your wedding a day to remember.  Personalising every aspect of entertainment exactly to your tastes with our unique style.

We offer a variety of wedding DJ services and packages – from All Day Entertainment to Evening Only Entertainment.  All of which can be tailored to your requirements.  Each of which includes the following:

  • Unique wedding DJ and host duo
  • Personal planning consultation
  • Full support and advice from the day you book us until the day of your wedding
  • Access to our client event planning system
  • Create your own music playlist option
  • High quality sound
  • Elegant lighting options

We also have a variety of stunning Extra Touches that you can add to you booking, some of which we’ve incorporated into our packages.

Dancing couple - Wedding DJ Services in Hertfordshire

Let us take you through a natural wedding day, exploring the services we offer.

The Wedding Ceremony

Is your wedding ceremony and reception are taking place at the same venue?… Then why not have us take care of the ceremony music rather than the venue staff.  We are the music experts after all!

Using discreet speakers that still pack a punch, we are able to give your ceremony the high quality sounding music it deserves. And because we are in full control of the music, we are able to professionally fade songs in and out where appropriate.  Want your song to start at a certain point and not the beginning? Not a problem!

What to expect…

  • Professionally controlled music for each part of your ceremony
  • The prelude – Background music to set the mood while your guests arrive
  • The procession – An important song choice, as you the bride, along with your bridesmaids, walk down the aisle to meet your groom
  • The signing of the register – A small selection of songs while the register is signed and photographs are taken
  • The recession – Walk back down the aisle to your celebration track as the new Mr and Mrs!
Wedding ceremony - Wedding DJ Services in Hertfordshire
Wedding breakfast - Wedding DJ Services in Hertfordshire

Read some of the testimonials and feedback we have received from past clients, for first hand proof we can deliver amazing wedding DJ entertainment.

The Wedding Breakfast

Really take advantage of our unique services by turning your afternoon into something far more exciting and eventful than you’d ever hoped. Acting as hosts to your day, we will welcome your guests with friendly smiles and handle all proceedings and announcements.

And it is here that we make most the most of working together as a DJ duo.  While one us is concentrating entirely on playing your wedding breakfast soundtrack, the other acts as your wedding host, interacting with you and your guests and presiding over the days events.

As a result we find that being there throughout the day really helps us build up an interaction and rapport with your guests.  This then leads to an even more enjoyable evening reception… with an even better atmosphere!

What to expect…

  • Professional entertainment
  • Personalised and fun grand entrances into your function room
  • Your choice of background music while you eat
  • Hosting of the speeches (with a bit of a twist!)
  • Our much loved Mr and Mrs quiz game
  • Plus any other fun ideas you’d like to incorporate into your day

We can also provide background music for your drinks reception beforehand if required.

Wedding breakfast Mr and Mrs Game - Wedding DJ Services in Hertfordshire
Wedding entertainment host - Wedding DJ Services in Hertfordshire

Browse our Wedding Photo Gallery to get a feel for the stunning look and atmosphere that we love to create at weddings.

The Evening Reception

Finally, the evening wedding reception entertainment, which is of course the main part of our job… and we absolutely love it!

And we make the most of the two of us in the evening too during events like the cake cutting and first dance.  Then once the evening party is in full swing and one of us is DJ’ing, the other manually controls our stunning lighting effects via a laptop. This creates a light show in sync with the music, to add that extra wow factor!

With music tailored just to your tastes, we will mix between songs and genres in a modern and professional fashion. We constantly react to the crowd, and ensure we play the right music at appropriate times throughout the evening.

What to expect…

  • Professional wedding DJ entertainment
  • Hosting of highlights such as the cake cutting, first dance and bouquet toss
  • Stunning and elegant lighting effects
  • Professional speakers with exceptional sound
  • Options to create your own music playlist (and do not playlist)
  • Loads of fun and dancing!

One of the main aspects of a wedding that will stand out in people’s minds most of all is the evening entertainment.  Therefore it is our aim to create a perfect party atmosphere, and get as many people dancing as possible.

We want to end the most important day of your lives with… the BEST PARTY EVER!

Wedding reception dancing - Wedding DJ Services in Hertfordshire
Wedding dance floor partying - Wedding DJ Services in Hertfordshire
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