Destination Wedding DJ Alternative

Destination Wedding DJ Alternative – Personalised Mixtape

  • Having a destination wedding abroad?
  • Looking for a cheaper alternative to shipping over an English DJ?
  • Thinking of going with an iPod playlist?

At JN Sounds we have come up with the perfect destination wedding DJ alternative – the mixtape.

And not just any old generic mixtape, but one that is personalised to your musical tastes and mixed live for you to then playback at your destination wedding reception!

So how does it work?

First of all, over a meeting or phone call we discuss your big day with you. We want to really get to know your desires for your day, just like we would with a couple whose wedding at were actually DJ’ing at. We’ll then get into real detail about your musical tastes; your likes, your dislikes, what gets your friends dancing, what keeps your family partying until the early hours!

You’ll then be able to send us a song playlist, which we’ll work to and add to. Once we have a finalised list we share it with you to allow for changes. Or if you’d rather keep it a surprise for the day we’ll go ahead and record the mix, live as if we were DJ’ing at your wedding.

When recording we will of course take times into account. We can build up the first hour or two with some more laid back tunes if that is your preference, before going into some party tunes and club bangers for the remaining time!

Wedding Extras in Herts - Mood lighting by JN Sounds
Wedding Extras in Herts - Mood lighting by JN Sounds

(Photos by Nicki Shea Photography)

What are the benefits?

If you are thinking of going down the non-DJ route at your destination wedding then the main benefit of this option, compared to say a Spotify playlist, is that there will be no gaps in the music. This is a HUGE advantage in keeping the people on the dance floor with the music flowing seamlessly.

There is also the cost saving benefit if your other option is hiring a DJ from the UK to travel over for your wedding.

And don’t worry if you won’t have much time to spend choosing songs and creating a playlist. Once we know your musical likes and dislikes we can do all that for you!

As experienced DJs we mix our songs club-style, even with older music where possible, which really helps create a great atmosphere without sudden changes in tempo between each song. With a structured mix tailored to your tastes you will not need to worry about what song is coming next. You’ll be able to relax knowing that you are partying to YOUR Personalised Wedding Mixtape!

Will we need any equipment?

Yes. You will need some basic equipment to play back your mixtape (we say ‘tape’ but of course we mean an audio file which you can then do with as you please). And we are more than happy to help you with equipment recommendations. Speaking to your venue to see what they can offer should be your first option.

We like the idea, but could you DJ at our wedding instead?

Yes absolutely! This option would obviously not be as cost effective, but then you would get that benefit of a live DJ to make announcements and read the crowd on the night. Please get in touch for more information on this service.


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